Selling Land Services

Putting the Profit into Selling Land

Land is likely to be your largest investment, and when it comes time to sell it, we ensure that you select a real estate broker with the specific land expertise and network to help you achieve top dollar through the transaction process. As your personal land advisor, we offer a range of knowledge to help you and your Realtor make educated decisions about comparable market values, pre-sale property improvements, property tax implications, and addressing other common issues that involve Texas rural properties. With no direct fees to you, Plateau Land Group is motivated to help you achieve the highest profitable sale price, and we collect a determined referral fee from the broker when the transaction closes.

Client Selling Services

Broker Vetting based on Performance Criteria:

We help you narrow the list of suitable brokers for your specific property based on criteria like past customer satisfaction, above market sale closures, quickest sale time, etc.

Current Assessment of Property Value:

Not just a typical Comparable Market Analysis, we offer you an assessment based on your unique rural land features. (Irrigation, waterfront, fencing, equine readiness, wildlife diversity, etc.)

Pre-Sale Recommendations:

We are able to walk the land with you prior to sale and make professional recommendations on which improvements will have the most profitable impact in its final sale price.

Property Tax Assessment:

Our property tax experts can quickly evaluate your current land for any possible savings, qualifications, or issues prior to the transfer of land.

Your Advocate:

We can serve as your advocate with the broker to ensure clear communications, timely responses, effective and active marketing, and a smooth closing process.